Financial Regulation

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Financial Regulation

Our team has invaluable experience in advising international and local financial institutions including banks, development finance institutions, microfinance institutions, payment system providers, money remittance providers, securities services providers, investment banks, funds, peer lenders, digital lenders, insurance companies and representative offices in connection with the legislative and regulatory aspects of financial services in Kenya. Our advice includes advising on Kenyan laws applicable to the following areas.

✎Incorporation of financial service providers.

✎Anti-trust and competition issues in the provision of financial services.

✎Consumer protection legislation.

✎Anti-money laundering and combating of financing of terrorism.

✎Insolvency legislation applicable to financial services providers.

✎Compliance and reporting obligations for financial services providers.

✎Money remittance and payment services.

✎Data protection.

For more information on MWC Legal’s Financial Services Regulation expertise, please contact Peter Mwaura at pmwaura@mwc.legal.