Company Secretarial

Nanga Registrars LLP

Nanga Registrars LLP (Nanga Registrars) is a modern-day company secretarial firm based in Nairobi Kenya. Nanga is the Kiswahili word for anchor. The goal of Nanga Registrars is to assist our valued business partners to anchor best practices in their day to day operations as demonstrated in our slogan “Anchoring best practices”.

A company must embed good corporate governance in its operations and comply with all applicable laws in order to thrive in the contemporary corporate world.

Our Services

At Nanga Registrars, we provide the following services to our valued partners:

  • incorporation of companies and limited liability partnerships on behalf of our clients;
  • assisting foreign corporations to set-up in Kenya and obtain the necessary authorisations required;
  • assisting businesses to be linked on eCitizen, the online Government services platform and undertake registrations, searches and such other applications done via eCitizen;
  • assisting our business partners to comply with the Companies Act (No 15 of 2017 Laws of Kenya) and all other applicable laws;
  • attending board meetings, provide advice and maintain minutes of board proceedings;
  • maintenance of all statutory records required of companies and limited liability companies and maintain statutory documents including:
    • certificate of incorporation;
    • memorandum and articles of association or any other constitutional documents;
    • directors and shareholder registers;
    • register of charges and debenture holders; and
    • minutes and resolutions;
  • acting as custodians of a company seal;
  • undertaking all filings required to be done at the relevant public registries including:
    • annual and interim returns;
    • changes in the details of directors or shareholders in the company;
    • resolutions required to be filed at the relevant public registries by companies; and
    • charges and debentures where applicable;
  • undertaking periodical health-checks on a company to evaluate compliance with applicable laws, guidelines, rules and regulations and recommend appropriate remedial measures;
  • monitoring changes in the regulatory and policy environment relating to companies and recommend compliance actions;
  • maintaining a registered office as the address for any formal communications for our business partners;
  • partnering with like-minded peers outside Kenyan borders to ensure that our business partners comply with applicable laws in foreign jurisdictions in which they operate; and
  • providing related services including:
    – National Social Security Fund registration;
    – National Hospital Insurance Fund registration;
  • Kenya Revenue Authority personal identification number (PIN) and Value Added Tax (VAT) certificate registration; and
  • Immigration

We work closely with our affiliate law firm MW and Company Advocates LLP in the provision of the above company secretarial services to ensure that our services have incorporated the legal perspective. Additionally, Nanga Registrars keeps and maintains extensive networks of resourceful contacts in the corporate regulatory world to ensure that Nanga Registrars keeps abreast with topical issues relating to companies which helps us to provide quality and timely compliance advisory services to our clients.

Please reach out to us anytime to explore our services.