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Financial Technology - FinTech

Our team recognizes the importance of Kenya as the pioneer in innovative finance products in the world. As technology disrupts financial services, regulators all over the world are playing catch up by introducing new legislation to bring innovative financial products and services within the legal framework. We represent regulators, traditional and modern financial services providers in this exciting field as follows:

✎ Advising FinTech institutions based in and outside Kenya in connection with existing Kenyan laws.

✎ Representing FinTech institutions in commenting on and enriching sectoral laws including data protection legislation, consumer protection legislation and telecommunication laws.

✎ Incorporating FinTech institutions, assisting with regulatory approvals and advising on continuing compliance obligations.

✎ Helping FinTech institutions in monitoring regulatory and legislation changes in the region relating to new products such as Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency, digital lending and similar technology based financial services.

For more information on MWC Legal’s FinTech expertise, please contact Peter Mwaura at pmwaura@mwc.legal.